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Unknown, A Naked Man and Woman, about 1270, Tempera colors, gold leaf, and ink on parchment, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Ms. Ludwig XV 3, fol. 69v


The Unicorn

about the programThe Unicorn my only desire Inspired by the mysterious medieval tapestries known as “The Lady and the Unicorn,” this program amplifies the voices of visionary women who seek—and find—sacred union unto themselves. Featuring the rare body of medieval...

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION "The serpent beguiled me, and I ate."Genesis 3:13 A confrontation of ancient thought and perception surrounding the sin of Eve in the Garden of Eden and the subsequent redemption of women in the Virgin Mary, as treated by medieval mystic Hildegard...

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Stella Serena: Celestial Hymns to the Virgin

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION What is more awe-inspiring than the starry night sky? Staring at this sea of darkness, made magical with the twinkling of millions upon millions of stars, provokes an eternal question: just what is up there? During the Middle Ages, the Catholic...

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Eya follows the humming routes of the Camino de Santiago as well as the path towards the mountaintop monastery of Montserrat with music of medieval Spain from the Codex Calixtinus, Las Huelgas Codex, and the Llibre Vermell. Interspersed throughout...

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Natus est Rex

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION An audience favorite, join Eya for an evening of medieval music in the company of candlelight as we explore a feast of musical styles from the 12th century and beyond.Natus est Rex ("A King is Born") is a sublime musical journey exploring the...

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The Jesse Tree

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Isaiah’s ancient prophecy of the birth of Jesus, retold each year during the Advent season, is filled with wonder and promise: et egredietur virga de radice Iesse et flos de radice eius ascendet ("a shoot shall come out from the root of Jesse and a...

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Inspired by the exquisite Chansonnier Cordiforme ("Heart-shaped Songbook"), Eya sifts through a fantastic array of music and poetry that speaks of longing, of sensuality, of connection with the Beloved. Heartform softens the line between sacred and...

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Not too far from Sherwood Forest, this evocative program draws us into the medieval imagination, set deep within the green and shady woods where lovers come to meet and where the heartbroken flee the world. Sometimes sumptuous, sometimes playful,...

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The musical landscape of renaissance Florence reveals a splendid symbiosis of contrasting elements: sacred and secular, foreign and native, highborn and humble. These elements nurtured the development of an unusually vibrant cultural climate within...

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Saint Brigid of Kildare has inspired countless seekers since the 5th century. Patron saint of poets, artists, smiths, and those who work the land, this holy woman of Ireland is best known for her kindling of an eternal flame. Brigid’s holy fire...

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The Three Marys

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Eya recreates Les Trois Maries, an early 14th-century liturgical Easter drama originally conceived and performed at a Benedictine convent in Origny-Ste.-Benoîte, a small village in northern France. The drama illuminates the emotional journey of the...

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