about eya medieval music

Eya (pronounced “AYE-ah”) is a Latin exclamation of sacred joy.

Leading from the heart, Eya is an award-winning and pioneering collaborative organization specializing in medieval music through a sacred feminine lens. Formed in 2010 and directed by Allison Mondel, Eya is building a global presence through performance, community singing, educational opportunities, sheet music resources, outreach programs, and more.

“Remarkable… gorgeous… with precise ensemble, a strong sense of presence, and ringing vowels that reverberated to the farthest reaches of the cathedral.”

– The Washington Post


Eya has performed at many distinguished venues including the National Gallery of Art, The Music Center at Strathmore, Washington National Cathedral, and Dumbarton Oaks, as well as appearances at numerous colleges, universities, and concert series across the United States. Eya recently collaborated with The Amra Project (based at Trinity College Dublin), presenting rare medieval Irish music dedicated to Irish saints. 

Eya has been featured on Voice of America radio and NPR (Millennium of Music, Harmonia Early Music), and is the recipient of the 2013 Greater DC Choral Excellence Award for “Best Specialty Group: Early Music.” They have two recordings, including the US-premiere of The Three Marys (2018).

Eya’s Vision

We believe that women’s voices possess a unique power. We use our united voice to raise awareness, heal, and transform the sacred voice of women, past, present, and future. We also use our voices to foster well-being, transcendence, understanding, and sisterhood in both our local and global community.

We offer accessibility to medieval music through the sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and resources. We believe in the inherent worthiness of every person’s voice. 

We offer experiences and resources that focus our understanding of the Divine through a feminine lens. Ultimately, we invite you on a heart- and mind-opening journey that cultivates a deeper understanding of ourselves and of others.