Eya recreates Les Trois Maries, an early 14th-century liturgical Easter drama originally conceived and performed at a Benedictine convent in Origny-Ste.-Benoîte, a small village in northern France. The drama illuminates the emotional journey of the three Marys as they prepare and make their visit to the sepulchre following the burial of Jesus. Composed in plainchant, Les Trois Maries is one of the most sensitively-wrought examples of liturgical drama from this period. It is the only example of this genre in which both Latin and the vernacular were used together, strengthening the emotional impact of this story upon its listeners, and deepening our connection with its heroines. 

Accompanied on historical instruments, scenes are interwoven with medieval polyphony from the Messe de Tournai, the Montpellier Codex, and the Bamberg Codex, in addition to traditional plainchant and instrumental improvisation, punctuating the dramatic arc of the story until its joyous finale.


Richard Giarusso, baritone
Niccolo Seligmann, medieval strings
Brian Kay, lute, percussion

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