CD Released December 2013

Crossley Hawn, soprano 
Allison Mondel, soprano and music director 
Nola Richardson, soprano 
Kristen Dubenion-Smith, mezzo-soprano

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Ave Maris Stella 
hymn, plainchant, Liber Usualis

Ave, maris stella,
Dei mater alma,
Atque semper virgo,
Felix coeli porta.

Sumens illud Ave
Gabrielis ore,
Funda nos in pace,
Mutans Evae nomen.

Solve vincla reis,
Profer lumen caecis,
Mala nostra pelle,
Bona cuncta posce.

Monstra te esse matrem,
Sumat per te precem
Qui pro nobis natus
Tulit esse tuus.

Virgo singularis,
Inter omnes mitis,
Nos culpis solutos
Mites fac et castos.

Vitam praesta puram,
Iter para tutum,
Ut videntes Jesum
Semper collaetemur.

Sit laus Deo Patri,
Summo Christo decus,
Spiritui Sancto
Honor, tribus unus. Amen.

Hail, star of the sea,
Nurturing mother of God,
And ever virgin
Happy gate of heaven.

Receiving that “ave”
From the mouth of Gabriel,
Establish us in peace,
Transforming the name of “Eva.”

Loosen the chains of the guilty,
Send forth light to the blind,
Our evil do thou dispel,
Entreat for us all good things.

Show thyself to be a mother:
Through thee may he receive prayer
Who, being born for us,
Undertook to be thine own.

O unique virgin,
Meek above all others,
Make us, set free from our sins,
Meek and chaste.

Bestow a pure life,
Prepare a safe way:
That seeing Jesus,
We may ever rejoice.

Praise be to God the Father,
To the most high Christ be glory,
To the Holy Spirit
Honor be to the three equally. Amen.

Salve mater misericordie 
3 voice rondellus, Anonymous, Worcester, 13th c.

Salve mater misericordie,
Stella maris, decus ecclesie,
Porta, via celestis curie,
Mundi salus et datrix venie.
Que portasti regem iusticie,
Miro modo non nostra serie;
Miserere huius familie,
Et a malis serva nos hodie.
Hail, mother of mercy,
Star of the sea, splendor of the Church,
Gate and way to the heavenly halls,
Salvation of the world and giver of pardon.
Thou didst bear the King of Justice
In marvelous fashion, not in our manner;
Have mercy on this thy family,
And today save us from evils.

O Maria virgo pia 
2 voice conductus, Anonymous, Worcester, 13th c.

O Maria virgo pia
plena dei gratia,
Stella maris appellaris
dans lucis solatia.

Caro Christi quam tulisti
in ventre veraciter,
Sic sacratur qua dampnatur
serpens efficaciter.

Hoc est corpus o Maria
natum de te virgine,
Quod portasti virgo pia
divino spiramine.

Hec est caro clavis fixa
crucis in patibulo,
Que surrexit crucifixa
vitam reddit seculo.

Nunc Marie filium
laudemus magnificum,
Regi regum omnium
cantemus hoc canticum.

O pious virgin Mary,
full of God’s grace,
You are called star of the sea,
giving solace with your light.

Christ’s body, which you carried
truly in your womb,
Is sacred to that through it the
serpent is doomed.

This is the body, O Mary,
born by you, a virgin.
That you were made pregnant,
pious virgin, by the Holy Ghost.

This is the flesh nailed to the
yoke of the cross,
After its crucifixion it rose and
returned to life in the world.

Now let us praise Mary’s
magnificent Son,
And all sing this song to the
King of Kings.

Salve sancta parens 
4 voice motet, Anonymous, Worcester, 13th c.

Salve mater redemptoris
Fons misericordie,
Vas honoris, flos decoris,
Aula regis glorie,
Caeli sponsa creatoris,
Domina clementiae.
Lux electa conditoris,
Thalamus decentiae,
Virgo verecundiae,
Gemma pudicitiae,
Fac nos requiescere
Cum civibus laeticie
In saecula saeculorum.

Salve lux languentium,
Consolatrix hominum,
Flos decusque virginum
Gignes Dei filium
Regem regum omnium,
Sidus in umbraculuo
Lucens splendoris radio.
Te laudentes fac videre
Cum coetis sanctorum
Gloria coelorum.

Salve sine spina
Rosa, flos purpureus,
Egris medicina,
Dulcis fontis rivulus;
Spirantis sacrarium
Magni regis thalamus,
Cujus Dei filium
Ponens in visceribus.
Precis tuae memorans
Evo saeculorum
Sit nobis placabilis
Conditor polorum.

Salve sancta parens enixa
Puerpera regem
Qui coelum terramque regit
In saecula saeculorum.

Hail, mother of the redeemer
Fountain of mercy,
Vessel of honor, flower of beauty,
Hall of the king of glory,
Bride of the creator of heaven,
Lady of mercy.
Chosen light of the creator,
Bridal chamber of dignity,
Modest virgin,
Gem of chastity,
Grant us rest,
Your happy servants,
For ever and ever.

Hail, light of the ailing,
Comforter of all men,
Flower of the glorious beauty of virgins,
Who brought forth the son of God
And the king of kings,
Star in the darkness
Shining with luminous rays.
Great are your acts,
And in the company of the saints
May we see heaven’s glory.

Hail, rose without thorn,
Flower of purple,
Medicine for the sick,
Sweet stream of the fountain;
Shrine for the living,
Bridal chamber of the great king,
The son of God was
Placed in thy womb.
Remember the prayer
In ages to come,
That you look favorably upon us,
Creator of heaven.

Hail, holy mother who
Brought forth the king
Who reigns on earth
For ever and ever.

Salve virgo tonantis solium 
3 voice conductus, Anonymous, Worcester, 13th c.

Salve, virgo tonantis solium,
Castitatis precellens lilium,
Deum paris, ut stella redium,
Pariendo non passa tedium;
Prime matris resolvis eulogium
Tu, pro nobis exora filium.
Hail, virgin, throne of thunder,
Excelling the lily in purity,
You have bore God, as a star its ray,
And in childbirth suffered no grief;
You have loosed the deception of the first mother,
You, pray thy son on our behalf.

Novi Sideris 
2 voice conductus, Anonymous, Notre Dame School, 13th c.

Novi sideris
Lumen resplenduit,
Et nubem diluit,
Qua fugata, clariut
Gentium ecclesia.

Novum pontificem
Commendant varia:
Vite munditia,
Morum penitentia,
Et eximie
Pietatis opera.

Hinc vox letitie
Quia lux hodie
Lux celebris
Tenebras exterminat.

The light of a new star
Shines brightly,
And banishes the cloud;
When it is dispersed, the church
Of the Gentiles shines clear.

Many qualities grace
The new High Priest:
Cleanliness of life,
Penitence in life’s actions,
And good works
Of noble piety.

Here the voice of joy
Sings forth,
Because today a light
Shines forth;
A splendid light
Puts an end to darkness.

Ave maris stella 
3 voice conductus, Anonymous, Las Huelgas Codex, 13th c.

Ave maris stella
Virgo decus virginum,
Celi regis cella,
Mediatris hominum:
Ne nos pereamus
Ad te suspiramus
Ut a nobis criminum
Procul sit procella.
Hail, star of the sea,
Virgin of virgins,
Chamber of the heavenly King,
Intercessor for man,
So that we may not perish,
We sigh to you,
So that our sins
May be far from us.

O Maria virgo Davitica/O stella maris/VERITATEM 
3 voice motet, Anonymous, Montpellier Codex, 13th c.

O Maria, virgo Davitica,
Virginum flos,
Vite spes unica,
Via venie,
Lux gratie,
Mater clementie,
Sola iubes in arce celica.
Obediunt tibi milicie;
Sola sedes in throno glorie,
Gratia plena fulgens, deica.
Stelle stupent de tua facie,
Sol, luna de tua potentia,
Que luminaria in meridie
Tua facie vincis omnia.
Prece pia mitiga filium,
Miro modo cuius es filia,
Ne iudicemur in contrarium,
Sed det eterna vite premia.

O Maria, maris stella,
Plena gratie,
Mater simul et puella,
Vas mundicie,
Templum nostri redemptoris,
Sol iusticie,
Porta celi, spes reorum,
Thronus glorie,
Sublevatrix miserorum,
Vena venie,
Audi servos te rogantes,
Mater gratie,
Ut peccata sint ablata per te hodie,
Qui te puro laudant corde in veritate.

O Mary, Virgin of David’s line,
Flower of virgins,
The one hope of life,
Path of pardon,
Light of grace,
Mother of mercy,
You alone command in the heavenly court.
The hosts obey you,
You alone sit on the throne of glory,
Shining, full of grace, divine.
The stars are overwhelmed by your face,
The sun and moon by your power,
For you by your face
Outshine all the lights at midday.
With a pious prayer mollify your Son
Whose daughter you are miraculously,
Lest the judgment go against us;
Let Him give us the eternal rewards of life.

O Mary, star of the sea,
Full of grace,
Both mother and maiden,
Vessel of purity,
Temple of our Redeemer,
Sun of justice,
Gate of heaven, hope of the condemned,
Throne of glory,
Reliever of the wretched,
Channel of pardon,
Hear your servants who call upon you,
Mother of grace,
That through you their sins may today be taken
away, Who praise you with a pure heart in truth.

Iam vellus imbuitur 
3 voice conductus, Anonymous, Worcester fragment, 13th c.
… Iam vellus imbuitur
Mellis missis imbribus,
Rubus non comburitur,
Caret violamine;
Iam per hoc ostenditur,
Quod virgo sine crimine,
Et sine viri semine,
Filium conciperet,
Patrem nata pareret,
Ut nec rubus uritur,
Sic virgo nunquam leditur.
… And now the fleece is bedewed
By the showers of honey sent;
The bush is not consumed,
And suffers no harm;
And so through this it is shown
That the Virgin without sin,
And without man’s seed,
Should conceive a son,
And a daughter should bear the Father,
For the bush burns not,
And the Virgin suffers no harm.

Stillat in stellam radium 
2 voice conductus, Anonymous, Worcester, 13th c.

Stillat in stellam radium
Celeste stillicidium
Mel stillans, quo nil melius;
Virginale precordium,
Preter nature studium,
Dum replet Dei filius.

Gaudet virgo, que filium
Patrem parit humilium,
Preter quem non est alius.
In luctum vertit gaudium,
Crucis sustinens tedium
Stella presente radius.

O virginale lilium,
Rosa, per hoc martyrium
Donum nacta beatius,
Ora Patrem pie pium,
Post huius vite stadium,
Ut sit nobis propitius.

Honey distilling a heavenly dew
Drops a ray into a star:
Nothing that surpasses that honey;
God’s son fills
The virgin’s womb,
Contrary to the work of nature.

The virgin rejoices and bears a son,
Who is the father of the humble;
There is none other greater than he.
But joy is turned to mourning,
As the ray endures the agony of the Cross
In the presence of the star.

O virginal lily,
Rose, through this martyrdom
Thou hast gained a gift more blessed:
Holy one, beseech the merciful Father
To be gracious to us
At the end of the this life’s course.

Polorum regina 
1 voice virelai, Anonymous, Llibre vermell, 14th c.

Polorum regina omnium nostra
Stella matutina dele scelera.

Ante partum virgo Deo gravida,
Semper permansisti inviolata.

Et in partu virgo Deo fecunda,
Semper permansisti inviolata.

Et post partum virgo mater enixa,
Semper permansisti inviolata.

Queen of Heaven, of us all,
Morning star, cleanse our sins.

Before labor, O Virgin given child by God,
you remain ever chaste.

And in labor, O Virgin made fruitful by God,
you remain ever chaste.

And after labor, O Virgin mother who brought
forth, You remain ever chaste.

Stella serena 
3 voice conductus, Anonymous, Notre Dame School, 13th c.

Stella serena,
Luminis ortus,
Dux, via, portus,
Floriger ortus,
Medicine vena,
Lux, lex, pax: Ave!
Salva servis a vhe.
O serene star,
Source of light,
Leader, way, harbor,
Flower-bearing origin,
Vein of medicine,
Light, law, peace: hail!
From woe save thy servants.

Virgo Maria patrem parit 
4 voice motet, Anonymous, English, 14th c.

Virgo Maria, patrem parit filia;
O pivilegia, omnipotentis nova gracia,
Benigna regina,
O sola mater superavit alma lilia!
Protulit eya mira paritura puerperia;
Lacte proprio Dei filium dulci lactavit.
Vale Maria, mater pia,
Nova medicina, flos sine spina, sola piscina!
Nos a–O stella–et vite via,
melodia porrige divina post exilia.

O stella marina,
Nos a ruina et fecis scoria.
Stella matutina, carina, supina,
Reis nova medicina,
Vina spina, exules,
Repentina, protege ruina,
Regina, peregrina, nos, sentina,
Flos spina, divina presidia,
Regina, piscina, flos matutina,
Vite sentina de Maria, matre pia sola, peregrina,
A ruina–marina–
Carina, resina de vite rosa primaria.

Flos genuit, regina qui tenuit
Omnium incarnatum Dominum rerum
Et solidum, et verbum, celum splendidum;
Sola mater, 
superavit alma lilium.
Protulisti eya mira paritura perperium,
Dudum iacet in profundum.
Ergo laudemus, ovando cum letabundo,
Gaudio, iubilo; Concio fervet in preconio,
Virgo mater, loca nato celi solio.

Virgo Maria, flos divina,
Filia Domini eximia,
O mater pura paritura filiis
Date nova sine fine, 
Supplices a repentina,
Protege ruina, flos divina,
Maria, mater pia, regina, filia,
Vite via, melodia, mater paritura,
Summum regem et per legem Domini,
Natum per beatum,
Qui carina, supina,
Ventrem Christum.

Virgin Mary, the daughter that bears the father;
O privileged one, new grace of the almighty,
Kind queen,
O unique mother surpassing the kind lilies!
This marvelous birth produced an infant;
She nursed the son of God with sweet milk.
Hail Mary, blessed mother,
New remedy, blossom without thorn, unique reservoir.
Protect us–O star!–and life’s true way,
Divine melody, reach out to us after exile.

O star of the sea,
Protect us from ruin and foulness.
Morning star, vessel, heaven-gazer,
New remedy for a sinner,
Vine without thorn, wanderers,
Unexpected one, protect us from ruin,
Queen, pilgrim, we, unworthy,
Blossom without thorn, divine guardian,
Queen, reservoir, morning flower,
Dregs of life from Mary, holy and unique mother, pilgrim,
Protect us from ruin–o star of the sea–
Vessel, resin of the the first rose of life.

A blossom gave birth, the queen
Who carried the incarnate Lord of all things
And solid and the word, splendid heaven;
Unique mother, 
kind one surpassing the lily.
You gave birth to a child through marvelous birth;
Formerly it lay concealed.
Therefore let us give praise, cheering with
Gaiety, joy; let the congregation glow with praise,
Virgin mother, placed on the throne of heaven.

Virgin Mary, divine blossom,
Most excellent daughter of the Lord,
O pure mother giving birth to sons
New without end, 
You beseech from the unexpected one,
Protect us from ruin, divine flower,
Mary, pure mother, queen, daughter,
Way of life, song, childbearing mother,
By the supreme law of the Lord,
By a blessed birth,
You were the vessel, heaven-gazer,
Of the body of Christ.