Join this riveting livestream conversation with four vibrant, up-and-coming scholars in the field of medieval women’s mysticism.

Led by Eya’s director Allison Mondel, this one-hour Roundtable Conversation will feature four guests from around the globe, exploring topics including:

  • Women’s personal agency and spiritual authority
  • The spiritual, somatic, and emotional experience of sacred union
  • The nature of intimacy with the divine Beloved
  • Music and mystic experience

Join us in the Q&A with our audience! You will love to hear how our guests illuminate and and inspire our understanding of the medieval mystic experience, and see the changing currents in medieval scholarship and outreach.

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meet our guests

AJ Langley (Twitter @medievalmystics and @myfavmystic)
AJ is a PhD student in the School of History at Queen Mary University of London. Her research centres on the life and visions of the thirteenth-century Austrian mystic known as Agnes Blannbekin. She is co-founder of the Mysticism & Lived Experience Network and has a podcast called My Favourite Mystic where she interviews scholars about their work, their favourite mystic, and why they love them. 

Lauren Cole (Twitter @MedievalLauren)
Lauren Cole is an independent scholar who works on Hildegard of Bingen. Her primary research focus is on the relationship between Hildegard’s visionary theology and her medicine, which has not yet received much academic attention. She is particularly interested in gendered constructions of authority, the presentation of Adam and Eve, and the use of female embodiment in text and image throughout Hildegard’s works. Lauren received her MA in History from the University of Bristol in 2018 and will start a PhD in Autumn 2021. She is passionate about public engagement and runs a TikTok account (@MedievalLauren) dedicated to busting myths about the Middle Ages and raising awareness of medieval female mystics. She is the founder of the hashtag #HildegardTok.

Dr. Michael Hahn (Twitter @M_S_Hahn)
Michael Hahn is a theologian and medieval church historian. While his research and teaching has covered different aspects of the historical study of religion and spirituality, his main focus is on early-Franciscan mystical theologies: its different expressions; distinctive nature; and reception. He is currently Tutor in Divinity at the University of London where he teaches ‘The History of Christianity’ and has previously lectured at York St John University – where he designed and taught a module on ‘Mysticism in World Religions’ – and St Andrews, where he taught church history.

Dr Einat Klafter (Twitter @medievalk
Einat is a co-director of the Exceptional Selves Humanities Lab at the Zvi Yavetz School of Historical Studies at Tel Aviv University, and co-founder of the Mysticism & Lived Experience Network. Her research interests include the mystic Margery Kempe, late-medieval devotion, sacred spaces, embodiment, lived experiences, sexuality and gender studies, and popular culture (both past and present). She is currently working on a project that examines how lived experience of late-medieval mystics impacts the conceptualization and articulation of mystical union with God.