O splendidissima gemma

Mother and Son, Symphonia Series

FORM Antiphon for the Virgin



Dendermonde f.154

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O splendidissima gemma
et serenum decus solis
qui tibi infusus est,
fons saliens
de corde Patris,
quod est unicum Verbum suum,
per quod creavit mundi
primam materiam,
quam Eva turbavit.

Hoc Verbum effabricavit
tibi Pater hominem,
et ob hoc es tu illa lucida materia
per quam hoc ipsum Verbum exspiravit
omnes virtutes, ut eduxit
in prima materia omnes creaturas.

O most radiant jewel
and tranquil glory of the sun
which was poured onto you
a leaping spring
from the heart of the Father
which is his only word
through which he created the 
first matter of the world, which Eve threw into disorder.

This word framed out,
for you, Father, a man,
and for this reason you are that shining matter
through which the very 
Word breathes out all the virtues,
as it brings out
all creatures in the first matter. 

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Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

© Eya Medieval Music