FORM Antiphon for the Apostles
SOURCE Riesencodex f.468 verso – 469 recto

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O spectabiles viri qui pertransistis,
occulta aspicientes,
per oculos spiritus
et annuntiantes
in lucida umbra acutam
et viventem lucem
in virga germinantem,
que sola floruit
de introitu
radicantis luminis:

Vos antiqui sancti,
predixistis salvationem
exulum animarum
que inmerse fuerant morti,
qui circuisti
ut rote mirabiliter
loquentes mistica montis
qui celum tangit,
pertransiens ungendo multas aquas,
cum etiam inter vos
surrexit lucida lucerna,
que ipsum montem precurrens ostendit.

Oh you conspicuous men who have crossed over
looking into hidden places
with the eyes of the spirit
and disseminating
the piercing and living light
from luminous shadow
on a budding scion
which only blossoms on
the entering of
light that takes root in the earth.

You holy ones of old
have prophesied the salvation of
souls enduring banishment,
souls that were plunged into death,
you have rotated
wondrously as wheels, manifesting
the mysteries of the mountain
that touches heaven
crossing through and anointing with much water.
Once again among you
has arisen a lantern that glows
that races ahead revealing the mountain.


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Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

© Eya Medieval Music