FORM Antiphon for Saint Ursula
SOURCE Riesencodex f.471 verso

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"O rubor sanguinis," Antiphon for Ursula the Virgin, Riesencodex f. 471 verso

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Text and Translation

O rubor sanguinis,
qui de excelso illo fluxisti
quod divinitas tetigit:
tu flos es
quem hyems de flatu serpentis
numquam lesit.
Oh blood’s blush,
you that flowed from that Highest One,
touched by divinity:
you are the bloom
that the serpent’s frost-breath
has never blasted. 


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Editorial Notes

Other version (concordance) in Dendermonde f. 167 recto.

According to Barbara Newman, this may have served as a gospel antiphon with the Magnificat as vespers on the Feast of Saint Ursula, celebrated on October 21st.

REF: Symphonia, 2nd ed, Newman, Barbara, Cornell UP, 1998.

Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

© Eya Medieval Music

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