O quam mirabilis

Mother and Son, Symphonia Series

FORM Antiphon for the Creator
SOURCE Riesencodex f.466 recto-f.466 verso

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Manuscript Images

"O quam mirabilis est," Antiphon for the Creator, Riesencodex f.466 recto
"O quam mirabilis est," Antiphon for the Creator, Riesencodex f.466 verso

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Text and Translation

O quam mirabilis est
prescientia divini pectoris
que prescivit omnem creaturam.
Nam cum Deus inspexit
faciem hominis quem formavit,
omnia opera sua
in eadem forma hominis
integra aspexit.
O quam mirabilis est inspiratio
que hominem sic suscitavit.

Oh how miraculous is
the foreknowing of the holy heart
which anticipated all creation.
For when God looked into
the face of the human he had created
he saw fulfilled
all of his works
in that same human form.
O how miraculous is the inspiration
which kindles human life.


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Editorial Notes

Only found (unica) in Riesencodex.


Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

© Eya Medieval Music