O pastor animarum

Father and Son, Symphonia Series

FORM Antiphon for the Redeemer
SOURCE Riesencodex f.466 verso

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Manuscript Image

"O pastor animarum," Antiphon for the Redeemer, Riesencodex f.466 verso

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Text and Translation

O pastor animarum
et o prima vox
per quam omnes creati sumus,
nunc tibi, tibi placeat
ut digneris
nos liberare de miseriis
et languoribus nostris.

O shepherd of souls
and o first voice
from which we all sprung,
may it suit you now,
now, to deign
to free us from our wretchedness
and frailty.


Editorial Notes

Only found (unica) in Riesencodex.


Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

© Eya Medieval Music