FORMAntiphon for the Virgin
SOURCERiesencodex f.467 recto – f.467 verso

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O quam magnum miraculum est
quod in subditam femineam
formam rex
Hoc Deus fecit quia humilitas
super omnia ascendit.
Et o quam magna felicitas
est in ista forma,
quia malicia,
que de femina fluxit hanc
femina postea detersit
et omnem suavissimum
odorem virtutum edificavit
ac celum ornavit
plus quam terram prius
Oh what a great miracle 
that the king entered 
into the humble body 
of a woman.
God did this because lowliness
rises above everything.
And O! what incredible blessing 
there is in that body
since the ills 
that flowed from a woman [Eve]
a woman [Mary] later wiped clean
and raised up the sweetest 
scent of all the virtues 
and adorned heaven, even
more than she [Eve] had 
cast the Earth into disorder.

Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

Version 1.0
Last Updated 12.7.20

© Eya Medieval Music

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