FORMAntiphon for God the Father
SOURCERiesencodex f.466 recto

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O magne Pater,
in magna necessitate sumus.
Nunc igitur obsecramus,
obsecramus te
per Verbum tuum,
per quod nos constituisti plenos
quibus indigemus.
Nunc placeat tibi, Pater,
quia te decet,
ut aspicias in nos
per adiutorium tuum,
ut non deficiamus,
et ne nomen tuum in nobis obscuretur,
et per ipsum nomen tuum
dignare nos adiuvare.
O great Father,
we are in terrible need.
Therefore now we implore,
we beg you,
through your Word,
by which you have made us full with the things
we stand in want of.
May it suit you now, Father,
because it befits you,
to look upon us
through your mercy,
lest we fall short,
and that your name not be lost to us,
and by your very name
deign to help us.


Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

Version 1.0
Last Updated 9.16.21

© Eya Medieval Music

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