FORMAntiphon for God the Father
SOURCERiesencodex f. 466 recto

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O eterne Deus,
nunc tibi placeat
ut in amore illo ardeas
ut membra illa simus,
que fecisti in eodem amore,
cum Filium tuum genuisti
in prima aurora
ante omnem creaturam,
et inspice necessitatem hanc
que super nos cadit,
et abstrahe eam a nobis
propter Filium tuum,
et perduc nos in leticiam salutis.
Oh neverending God,
please may you
smolder in that love
in which you conceived
those limbs that we would be
when you birthed your Son
in the first sunrise
before all creation.
Look upon these urgings
that fall on us,
and draw them out of us
through your son,
and lead us deep into the joy of salvation.


Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

Version 4.0
Last Updated 5.10.21

© Eya Medieval Music

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