FORMAntiphon for the Redeemer
SOURCERiesencodex f.466 verso

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O cruor sanguinis
qui in alto sonuisti,
cum omnia elementa
se implicuerunt
in lamentabilem vocem
cum tremore,
quia sanguis Creatoris sui
illa tetigit,
ungue nos
de languoribus nostris.
O stream of blood
which you cried on high
when all the elements
enfolded themselves
within the voice wailing
with dread,
because the blood of their Creator
had spattered them:
anoint us
against our frailty.


Editorial Notes

The only source for this antiphon (Riesencodex) is incomplete. The final three lines of text (beginning with illa tetigit) have blank staves.


Musical transcription by Allison Mondel
Latin translation by Hugh McElroy

Version 1.0
Last Updated 9.16.21

© Eya Medieval Music

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