our donors

Our Eya at Ten season has been generously funded by these donors, as part of our MULTIFACETED fundraising campaign, as well as ongoing donations throughout this pivotal season. 

You are vital to the success of Eya’s tenth anniversary season and the realization of our mission. 

Become a precious gem, and help us manage the great challenges and financial hurdles in launching this ambitious season. Join your voice with ours in our MULTIFACETED  fundraising campaign.

Thank you from all of us at Eya.

about our campaign


Our MULTIFACETED campaign was inspired by the quality and healing properties of gemstones described by Hildegard von Bingen in her work Physica:

Precious stones are made out of fire and water; they therefore contain energy and moisture within them and they have many powerful qualities and effects, so that many actions can be carried out with them.

We are so grateful to our donors: you are our precious gems!

Chalcedony ($25-49)

One who wishes to have a consistent way of speaking, and to bring forth wisely the things he says, should hold chalcedony in his hand.

Karen Ashbrook
Susanna Beiser
Richard P. Bell
Debra Bruno
Helen Fields
Matthew Leese
Embry Martin Howell
Lisa Humerickhouse
Stacey Knepp
Ruth Ann Kurzbauer

Karen Lee
Marilyn Owen
Arthur Silver
Donald and Sue Spicer

Chrysolite ($50-99)

The stone strengthens knowledge in a person who always carries it with him. One with good knowledge and skill should place this stone over his heart. As long as it lies there, their knowledge and skill shall not fail him.

Ashley Alden
Catherine Anderson
Merrill and Tim Carrington
Cynthia Cathcart
Janyce Caulkins
Leigh Ann Caulkins

Shela Dubenion-Smith
Karen Garlick
Henry Kahn
Kerry Kiphart
Donna Kirk
Arthur LaRue

Jamie Lennon
Melinda Levandoski
Felice Li
Dale Stahl
Jan and Liz Ziolkowski
Anonymous (6)

Topaz ($100-249)

Every day, in the morning, place topaz over your heart and say, ‘May God, who is magnified above all things and in all ways, not reject me from his honor, but may he preserve, strengthen, and establish me with his blessing.’ For as long as you do this, evil will abhor you.

Gilbert Adams
Ryan Burress
Kristin Davis
David C Garlock
Richard Giarusso
Peter Gray
Anne Harrison
Sean Miller
Elizabeth Peterson
Thomas Ratliff

Cathy Mitchell Toren
Sheila Ward
Richard Waugaman
Anonymous (4)

Sardonyx ($250-499)

It holds strong powers in its nature and furnishes strength to a person’s five senses. It is a particular remedy for each of the five senses, since it is born in the purity of the sun, when nothing soils its clarity.

Shannon Dubenion-Smith
Tucker P. Farley
Martha Halperin

Anonymous (3)

Emerald ($500-999)

Therefore, the emerald is powerful against all human weakness and sickness, since the sun readies it, and since its matter is of the vitality of the air.

Kathy Burgess
Marilyn Wong Gleysteen
Doug and Roz Mondel
Nick and Joan Wright

Sapphire ($1000-2999)

It symbolizes a complete love of wisdom.

In honor of Vera S.
David and Kathy Flaxman

Carbuncle ($3000-4999)

Carbuncle is developed during an eclipse of the moon. Since an eclipse of the moon is rare, this stone is rare. Its strength is unusual, and it should be feared and used with much reverence and concern.

Emily and Ben Tsai